Auction #11 Closes on Tuesday, 17 May at 22:00 Israel-time (15:00 EST / 19:00 GMT)

Welcome to our new 11th philatelic auction, featuring THE BEST Israeli stamps & postal history available anywhere - the earliest known, the latest known, the only known covers of various kinds, of historical and philatelic importance, with an emphasis on rare stamp types, rates and routes.

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A sampling of highlights: 
never before seen Holyland French Post Office taxe marked & manuscript marked postage dues postcard | Bale #21a Mandate 1 Piaster Jerusalem I setting I stamps in MNH & used condition | exceedingly rare 1938 late fee registered envelope with All-Up airmail postage | landmark 1939 WWII era 'small packet' airmailed cover + proving postmark | earliest known dated WWII army postal concession cover | EXTRAORDINARY WWII Romania-Palestine postcard sent through the mails while both countries at war with each otherunlisted 3 piece set of high denomination Mandate pictorial stamps overstamped SPECIMEN | late Mandate 1948 German express mail cover sent via Aleppo, possibly last mail from Syria | Apr 1948 last known mail from from Mandatory JAFFA10x11 perforated full tabbed 20m Doar Ivri stamp as part of Late Fee 1948 1st flight KLM airmail | Jerusalem convoy cover as 1st flight KLM airmail - with Mandate franks | Monster - "Doar Sadeh" endorsed Israeli army/police forerunner mail | 16 May 1948 mail addressed to bombed/closed Tel Aviv airport | 1950 1st known Israeli registered printed matter letter with 30pr Late Feeand there is PLENTY MORE!
This is a "buy or bid" sale, where the starting prices can be underbid by up to 25% and lots can be also bought out; maximum bids are kept confidential. There is a 5 minute time extension for bids received within the last minute of the auction time. The buyer's fee is 18%.

Bids may be submitted in writing by any method - through the auction program, by the bid form (above), email, fax, sms/whatsapp; bidders can request to set 'bid budgets' and thereby bid on many items while keeping their total exposure limited to a certain sum - and setting priorities for which lots they most prefer to secure of those they bid on. Contact us for assistance.
We encourage visitors to look closely at the display and read the descriptions carefully: there is a lot of information there, much never seen before, painstakenly assembled from primary sources. Over 90% of the information comes from our compilation called the "Handbook of Holyland Postal History and Philately", available free here; the rest comes from cited sources in the descriptions. There's a lot to learn and much to marvel at.
Our latest and pioneering research is published on our website blog; we will shortly published our new "JerusalemStamps Bulletin" research journal - contact us to be added to the distribution list, it's free. This is our Facebook "Israel-Holyland Philately Research Group" - join us for latest groundbreaking news, from the past!

Featured Items in Stock

JNF Jewish National Fund blue stamp 1940 Western Wall issue, Roch #513 MNH & OG
JNF/Jewish National Fund 5pc stamp set 1955 Henrietta Szold, Roch #1468-1472
Palestine Israel 1948 besieged JERUSALEM cover, Mandate stamp & interim postmark
JNF Jewish National Fund stamp sheet 1987 Teachers Council Anniversary #1822 MNH
1950 Israel only day used UNO Day slogan cancel on JERUSALEM printed matter mail
JNF/Jewish National Fund 3x stamps 1944 Aaronson thin yellow paper, #891-893 MNH
1949 War Jordanian Palestine cover TULKAREM - EAST JERUSALEM via Iraqi Army post
1968-1971 3x Kuwaiti letters with Pro-Palestinian franks, 1x addressed & mailed
May 1948 early Israel 1st postage dues error stamps on short paid HAIFA cover
1948 domestic Israeli cover, valid interim franks + red ovpt & mandate postmark
No Service 1952 Hong Kong airmail to Israel misrouted Lebanon, returned Egypt
1950 Israeli HAIFA-TEL AVIV cover 1st Airmail, 2nd/3rd Coinage & New Year stamps
JNF Jewish National Fund stamp block 1953 Schapira issue, Roch #1418; MNH
1974 Israeli airmail cover USA; return mis-routed Lebanon + rare no-service mark
JNF/Jewish National Fund 4pc stamp set 1954 Kalischer, Roch #1428-9 + varieties
1948 Israeli newspaper wrapper with Jerusalem postmark inverted dateline
1962 British Bulletin de Verification to Jordan re delivery Israeli-refused mail
1953 Israeli cover with 4th Coinage tete-beche horizontal strip franking stamps
JNF/Jewish National Fund 5pc stamp set of 1945 Hankin issue, Roch #939-943; MNH
Rare Tempel Kolonie Wilhelma cachet on Holyland printed matter Jerusalem cover
1974 British airmail Australia ex hijacked BA-870 flight; Pilot signed + rare IM
1916 WWI Egypt stampless Australian army cover latest dated postmark + cachet
Palestine Israel 1948 Interim incoming mail to besieged JERUSALEM from TEL AVIV
JNF Jewish National Fund strip 4x sticker-stamps 2010 Torah-Testimony, #1960 MNH