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JNF/Jewish National Fund 2x stamp rows 1983 Blue Box, Roch #1774; MNH
1910 Holyland Palestine German post office postcard JAFFA to Germany via SARONA
1916 WWI stampless British army OAS cover via Egyptian post early dated postmark
Jewish Brigade stampless 1945 OAS cover JBG/BAOR D company 1st battalion LONDON
1950 Israeli cover with Independence frank & alternate ZICHRON YAAKOV postmark
JNF Jewish National Fund Spanish cropped 1976 Renewed Zion 5pc stamp row, #1674
JNF Jewish National Fund 4pc tabbed stamp set 1953 Teachers Org issue, varieties
JNF Jewish National Fund stamp department Holiday se-tenant stamp pair MNH
1973 French surface cover Israel delayed Yom Kippur War special postal marking
Palestine Mandate rare 2m printed matter rate prepaid postmark on 1943 newspaper
JNF Jewish National Fund tabbed stamp sheet 1990 Road Safety, Roch #1879, MNH
1950 Israel only day used UNO Day slogan cancel on JERUSALEM printed matter mail
1919 rare E in circle censor handstamp on registered cover Palestine to PARIS
Jan 1950 stampless couriered cover from I ran to Israel charged postage dues
June 1948 Israeli Post Department TLV-HAIFA cover as postage-free official mail
JNF Jewish National Fund 4pc stamp set 1968 Western Wall, Roch #1566-1569; MNH
JNF Jewish National Fund 6 blue stamps 1952 Smolenskin Roch 1400 + varieties MNH
Holyland 1904 postcard JERUSALEM-VIENNA, mixed German & British postage stamps
1947 Palestine-Brazil SAMPLES airmail cover, undocumented 5m & 20m COIL stamps
31 Aug 1939 VERY LAST sea mail cover Germany-Palestine Mandate eve WWII ARRIVED
JNF Jewish National Fund stamp sheet Spanish 1976 Renewed Zion issue #1674a, MNH
JNF Jewish National Fund 4x stamps 1944 Aaronson on grayish paper Roch #891-893
Jewish National Fund 2x2 stamp sheet 1980 80th Anniversary JNF, #1743-1746; MNH
1944 WWII airmail cover PanAm west africa route USA-Palestine Mandate 105m rate