Philatelic Auction Closes on Thursday, 30 May at 22:00 Israel-time (12:00pm PST / 15:00 EST / 20:00 GMT / 07:00 AEDT)

A budget buyout auction featuring outstanding and intriguing postal history & stamps from the Palestine Mandate, Israel and the world with specialized topics such as Doar Ivri, Mandate overprints, coil stamps, postage dues, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the Holocaust; bids of at least 75% of the starting price are accepted.

This is a "buy or bid" sale, where the starting prices can be underbid by up to 25% and lots can be also bought out; maximum bids are kept confidential. There is a 5 minute time extension for bids received within the last 2 minutes of the auction time. The buyer's fee is 18%.

Bids may be submitted in writing by any method - through the auction program, by the bid form (above), email, fax, sms/whatsapp; bidders can request to set 'bid budgets' and thereby bid on many items while keeping their total exposure limited to a certain sum - and setting priorities for which lots they most prefer to secure of those they bid on. Contact us for assistance.

Bid Budgets - bidders can use "bid budgets" to maximize their bids: specify a global amount to limit bids to and then submit a list of prioritized bids; whatever lots are won are awarded to the bidders according to their preference within their budget. Example: a person with a budget of $100 can bid on any number of lots up to $100 each and be awarded any of them as long as they are within his budget. Contact us.

Where there are 2 or more bids/bidders on a lot, if the winner has used a bid budget and forfeits his win in favor of a different lot, this lot will be awarded to the runner-up at his bid amount *prior* to the winner placing his bid (eg. awarded at his bid level net of any increases resulting from competition with the winner).

Where there is only 1 bid/bidder on a lot there is still a chance he's bidding with a 'bid budget': those interested in bidding at or below the starting price may submit their bids by email and we will keep them on file; in the event that a sole bidder is the winner of the lot but forfeits it for another lot, we will award the present lot to those bidders who submitted their alternative bids by email.
We encourage visitors to look closely at the display and read the descriptions carefully: there is a lot of information there, much never seen before, painstakenly assembled from primary sources. Over 90% of the information comes from our compilation called the "Handbook of Holyland Postal History and Philately", available free here; the rest comes from cited sources in the descriptions. There's a lot to learn and much to marvel at.
Our latest and pioneering research is published on our research center; our new "JerusalemStamps Bulletin" research journal is now online. This is our Facebook "Israel-Holyland Philately Research Group" - join us for latest groundbreaking news, from the past!

Featured Items in Stock

1951 Israel-US JERUSALEM - LOS ANGELES official printed matter air mail cover
Palestine Israel 1948 Interim printed matter wrapper from TEL AVIV to KFAR ONO
1970 short paid France-Israel air mail cover taxed postage dues + PO document
Israeli tabbed stamp 1992 Anemone, phosphor line at left #SB.25eph1, MNH
1946 Palestine cover to Jewish Brigade soldier; redirected as OAS mail
1919 WWI Egypt British military cover latest dated APO SZ 10 postmark
Holocaust-era June 1942 original German report statistic survey on Warsaw Ghetto
1922 rare Mandate postcard mail from Nigeria to Nazareth, backstamped arrival
1st seen 1pia Jerusalem I SETTING I (type 20) as postage on 1920 cover to France
1985 Israeli hyperinflation 1st day 280is rate registered cover, rare stamp
1994 Israeli postage due sender taxation notice shortpaid heavy weight letter
1967 Israeli printed matter return taxed top of pile cover, 96ag for 8 letters
Palestine Mandate 1935 15m airmail cover Haifa-Czechoslovakia, backstamped
1st known case Aug 1948 TEL AVIV usage JERUSALEM LOCAL III stamp, mixed frank cv
Israeli Member Knesset Parliament David Azoulay/Ehud Olmert 1998 cover backstamp
1950 Israel-US TEL AVIV to SAN DIEGO 80 pruta airmail cover
1997 Israeli postage dues sender taxation notice paid rare stamp & frozen cancel
Mandatory Palestine badge Police copper hat badge with 2-pronged back by Dowler
1997 Israeli postage due sender taxation notice for shortpaid overweight letter
JNF Jewish National Fund 2x stamp rows 1990 Immigration & Settlement #1883, MNH
Israeli tabbed stamp 1992 Anemone, green phosphor line at right #SB.25eph3, MNH
Egyptian mint 1886-87 1pia & 2pia rose-red postage dues stamps without watermark
1997 Israeli postage dues recipient taxation notice for shortpaid foreign letter
Rare 23 April 1948 late incoming Palestine airmail cover from BEIRUT to HAIFA