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Inter-war Foreign Postal Links 1921-1939

1932 Palestine Mandate 26m extra weight surface mail registered cover to UK
Mandate surface mail with extra weight: 27 JAN 1932 postmarked registered commercial cover on business postal stationary from lawyer in TEL AVIV to company in LEEDS United Kingdom, franked 26m per period rate (7m base 20g surface letter to UK + 4m additional 20g weight + 13m registry fee) - with 2m overcharged, using vertical pair of 13m pictoral stamps & tied by 1x strike of local postmark on fro...
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1933-1946 Holocaust era philately & ephemera

WWII Holocaust 1944 BRANOWITZ concentration camp Registered cover to PRAGUE
WWII/Holocaust era camps > Branowitz/Vranovice: 17-7(?)-1944 registered cover from BRANOWITZ KL (concentration camp) to PRAGUE, franked 4.20k using Bohemia-Moravia stamps & tied by Branowitz-Vranovice bilingual postmark + camp censor cachet & Registry label; backstamped next day arrival; slit open at top. Rare registered postal service from an obscure camp about which almost nothing is documented....
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