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Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1949-1956 (11)
Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1957-1967 (5)
Arab-Israeli mail of 1967 War era (7)
Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1967-1973 (1)
Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1974-2000s (2)

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1962 British Bulletin de Verification to Jordan re delivery Israeli-refused mail
Israeli "No Service" for mail to Arab countries: 21 JUNE 1963 'Bulletin de Verification' issued by British Postal Administration (Foreign Section) in LONDON to Jordanian counterpart in [EAST] JERUSALEM, accompanying registered letter from BIRMINGHAM misdirected to [WEST] JERUSALEM Israel & asking for its delivery with apology on behalf of the British postal admininistration for its delay + request...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
1961 Cuban postcard to Israel routed via Egypt; censored refused service, resent
Cuban mail affected by Egyptian postal boycott of Israel: 1961 era surface mailed picture postcard of Havana from LOS PINOS - HAVANA to KIBBUTZ LEHAVOT HAVIVA, franked 3c but [mis-]routed via EGYPT where seized and censored (by K-Type7 censor handstamp numbered #75) & marked by Egyptian "PAS DE SERVICE" K-Type-II instructional marking - and returned to sender; the postcard was resent, correctly ro...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
1961 Venezuela airmail Israel misrouted Jordan; refused service returned; resent
Jordanian postal boycott of Israel: 26 JAN 1961 airmail cover from CARACAS Venezuela to Hotel Dana "TEL AVIV JERUSALEM" (no country mentioned), meter franked 80c; as address unclear [mis-]routed via JORDAN where backstamped 3 FEB 61 AMMAN transit, forwarded on to EAST JERUSALEM where Israeli address noticed + marked "PAS DE COMMUNICATION" using JERUSALEM Post Office K-Type-III instructional markin...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
1962 British-Israel airmail cover misrouted Jordan, returned resent + mimeograph
Very rare Israeli mimeograph on Jordanian postal boycott of mail to Israel: 14 SEP 1962 airmail cover from PADDINGTON (UK) to KIBBUTZ MASADA "Jordan Valley, Israel", franked 5d at the period 'Zone A' (Middle East) printed matter airmail rate & tied local machine slogan cancel (oddly advertising 6d postage rate); mis-routed via JORDAN (probably confused by "Jordan" valley address) where backstamped...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
1962 Israeli Bulletin Verification to Sweden re cover for Jordan sent to Israel
Israeli "No Service" for mail to Arab countries: 24-8-1962 French/Hebrew 'Bulletin de Verification' form issued by Israeli Postal Administration in JERUSALEM (JERUSALEM-21 - Parcels Department at the Main Post Office) to Swedish counterpart GOTHENBURG, accompanying 6.2kg package from NYBRO to (EAST) JERUSALEM Jordan, but misdirected to JERUSALEM Israel; message in French indicates there are no pos...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
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