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Postmarks & Postal Markings of Small Locales

BEIT HASHITTA Mandate postmark on 1948 Israel cover 22 days after decomissioned
Discovery - BEIT HASHITTA reintroduced Mandate postmark (Dorf #2) on Israeli mail, dated 22 July 1948 & tied to 10 mils Doar Ivri frank affixed to cover addressed to HAIFA; slit open at top. A scarce postmark, rarer as used during the Israeli postal adminstration - but here in use 22 days after it was supposed to have been replaced by the Israeli trilingual postmark, which entered use at this loca...
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Monday, 14 October 2024 22:00
PETAH TIKVA dateless triangular postmarked 5m Doar Ivri printed matter cover
Rare PETAH TIKVA dateless triangular postmark (Nacht #469/4) tied to Doar Ivri 5 mils franking on printed matter minature cover addressed to TEL AVIV; unsealed at back. This postmark was used on holiday period bulk printed matter mail to obfuscate the posting date in the event holiday mail volume caused delays in delivery; it was in use from Sept. 1948 to Sept. 1955 but is rarely seen on mail....
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Wednesday, 20 November 2024 22:00
1949 Doar Ivri Israel Shaar Ha'Amakim first day printed matter cover to TEL AVIV
Shaar Ha'Amakim 11-09-1949 first day cover addressed to TEL AVIV (return addressed to sender at locale), prepared on airmail stationary & tied by special event handstamp; franked 5m per period printed matter rate using Doar Ivri single & tied by the local postmark on first day of use (Nacht #553/1); unsealed per printed matter regulations....
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Saturday, 31 August 2024 03:00
Rare 1951 Israeli Kibbutz TZORA cover to Jerusalem via mobile post
Small locale mail: 30 OCT 1951 cover from Kibbutz TZORA via Hare Yehuda mobile post (note the return address) to JERUSALEM, franked 15pr left marginal single (Ba #57) per period DO-2 letter rate & tied by JERUSALEM-2 postmark: prior to April 1956 Hare Yehuda did not have a postmark of its own - here carried by the service but actually postmarked in Jerusalem; slit open at top. The sending locale, ...
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Saturday, 31 August 2024 03:00
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