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Postmarks & Postal Markings of Haifa (3)
Postmarks & Postal Markings of Jerusalem (3)
Postmarks & Postal Markings of Tel Aviv (3)
Postmarks & Postal Markings of Small Locales (2)

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6-1948 registered cv ex TLV to ZICHRON w/Mandate pmk on last day use
Doar Ivri PO's, rates & routes: 29-6-1948 commercial registered cover from TEL AVIV to ZIKHRON YA'AQOV franked 25m at the DO-1 postage period rate (10m letter + 15m registration) using perforation mix of pair 10m (Ba3) + 5m rouletted (Ba2c) tied by single full strike of TEL AVIV Head Post Office postmark + 2 on back, with TEL AVIV sorting office applied National Loan cachet and marked by Mandate r...
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Friday, 31 July 2020 19:01
1950 JAFFO to HAIFA printed matter cv w/1st Airmail frank & triangular postmark
1950 1st airmail / PO's, rates & routes: Sept-Oct 1950(?) New Years period greeting card from JAFFO to HAIFA franked 5pr at the DO-2 period printed matter rate using single 5pr (Ba32) tied by scarce printed matter bulk mail dateless triangular "Jaffo" cancellation....
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Friday, 31 July 2020 19:01
1st day use Israeli Herzl Reinterment illustrated cachet on 1949 official mail
First Day slogan cancellations: 17-08-1949 local TEL AVIV stampless official cover from a governmental department (cachet on back - signed but partially unclear) to M. Caspi (probably Mordechai Caspi, who fulfilled various official roles), tied on the front by an "Official Mail" cachet and cancelled using the Herzl's Reinterment illustrated slogan cachet (Nacht-15) on its first day of use; opened ...
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Friday, 31 July 2020 19:01
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