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Postmarks & Postal Markings of Haifa (3)
Postmarks & Postal Markings of Jerusalem (3)
Postmarks & Postal Markings of Tel Aviv (3)
Postmarks & Postal Markings of Small Locales (2)

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9/1963 underfranked French airmail taxed 42ag with mixed franks on a SATURDAY
1963 incoming French postage due mail: 19-9-1963 airmail cover from PARIS to HAIFA underfranked at 0.75Fr and marked for 42 Ag tax using scarce 3-line box cachet, paid on back in HAIFA on 21(?)-9-63 - a Saturday(??) per Hebrew date - with mix of a pair of 0.20L 1963 4th airmail Ba263 + 0.02L 1961 Zodiac Ba205 franks tied by HAIFA-38 postmark; cut open at top. Estimated value $70+...
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Friday, 31 July 2020 19:01
8-11-1950 HAIFA to TLV mail w/1st Airmail, 2nd/3rd Coinage & New Year franks
1950 1st airmail / PO's, rates & routes: 8-11-1950 "Lacol" austerity period stationary registered cover from HAIFA to TEL AVIV franked 40pr at the DO-2 period rate (15pr letter + 25pr registration) using pair 5pr (Ba32) + tabbed 15pr 1949 2nd Coinage (Ba24) + tabbed 10pr 1950 3rd Coinage (Ba43) + 5pr 1950 New Year (Ba38) tied by 3 strikes of Haifa-8 postmark on front + 2 on back, and scarce datele...
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Friday, 31 July 2020 19:01
Last day use Israeli Cyprus Interees illustrated cachet on 1949 commercial mail
Last Day slogan cancellations: 6-02-1949 commercial cover on Holland Bank stationary from HAIFA to Anglo Palestine Bank in JERUSALEM, franked 15pr per period letter rate using Ba #4 Doar Ivri single, tied by the Cyprus Interees illustrated slogan cachet (Nacht #4) on its last day of use; slit open on top and right....
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Friday, 31 July 2020 19:01
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