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1990-1999 Rates, Routes & Postal Handling

1990 quadruple weight airmail to Switzerland with phosphor error tabbed stamp
Errors/Freaks/Oddities stamps on mail: 20 March 1990 postmarked airmail cover sent from HAIFA to HOFEN BEI THUN Switzerland, franked 1.60nis per period quadruple weight postage rate (0.70nis for base 10g + 3x 0.25nis for additional 20g, with 0.15nis overpaid), using rare 0.60nis tabbed stamp of the 1986 Archaeology series in light violet without phosphor (unlisted error combination in Bale who lis...
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Monday, 14 October 2024 22:00
1991 1st day Massad vended postage label on local JERUSALEM cover
MASSAD Computer vended postage label - 1st definitive issue: [1st day] 17 Dec 1991 dated vending machine printed adhesive label (Ba #M2) for 0.75nis postage (base domestic letter rate) affixed to address-imprinted postal stationary cover of the Jewish National & University Library & backstamped by same dated JERUSALEM-1 | Hebrew University postmark (Nachigal unlisted); mint, unused. These ...
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Monday, 14 October 2024 22:00
Rare 1997 Mobile Post registered cover to Palestinian Authority GAZA, returned
Rare combination Mobile Post to Palestinian Authority: 17 April 1997 postmarked registered cover sent from the Mobile Post office of HAGALIL HAMAARAVI (Western Galilee) using a KIRYAT MOTZKIN registry label and addressed to RAFIAH in the Gaza Strip; franked 5 Shekels & tied by 2x strikes of the local postmark; backstamped 24 April Palestinian GAZA-2 transit & 26 April RAFIAH-2 arrival - but the ad...
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Wednesday, 20 November 2024 22:00
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