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1) Mandate Termination Period (3)
2) Minhelet Haam-Interim period (10)
4) 1947-1949 War of Independence related mail (3)
5) 14-16 May 1948 1st Day Israel Mail (4)
7) Besieged locales: Safed (1)
8) Besieged locales: Nahariya (2)
9) Besieged Jerusalem (20 April-20 June) (5)
11) Post-Siege Interim Jerusalem (after 20 June) (1)
12) Service Suspended Mail (by non-belligerents) (5)
13) Service Suspended Mail (by belligerents) (2)
15) Emergency Postal Services & Foreign links (5)
16) Early Foreign Postal Links (3)
17) Interim & Provisional Taxed Mail (3)

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1948 American 1st day a/m to Israel affected by mail suspension, then dispatched
1948 early postal links / service (not) suspended mail: "First Day airmail to Israel" return paid post card (RPPC) from CHICAGO Palestine Postal History Society to postmaster PETACH TIKVA, pre-printed with 3c franking + additional 22c franking for overseas airmail, postmarked "Chicago-Airmail" 29 JUN 1948 (1st day of US-Israel mail) & erroniously stamped "Return to Mailing Office | Service Suspend...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
No Service 1948 South African cover Palestine affected by postal suspension
1948 South African "service suspended" mail: 30 IV 1948 airmail cover from JOHANNESBURG to TEL AVIV, franked 10d per period 9d rate & tied by multiple strikes of JOHANNESBURG-94 postmark; however South Africa suspended airmail to Palestine on 24 April (and Lydda airfield closed 25 April) - here cover marked by both instructional marking handstamps "P.T.O." ["please turn over"] + "NO SERVICE" K-Typ...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
1948 British sea mail to Palestine affected by surface mail service suspension
1948 British "service suspended" mail to Palestine: 8 APR 1948 surface mailed commercial cover on business stationary from BIRMINGHAM to TEL AVIV, franked 2½d per 1940 1oz letter rate & tied by "British Industries Fair" machine slogan cancel; here cover posted 2 days after latest date for surface mail to Palestine (from UK), so marked by newly instituted "SERVICE SUSPENDED | AIR MAIL SERVICE ...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
4/1948 USA FDC to Palestine affected by cv service suspension; 2x markings
1948 US "service suspended" mail to Palestine: 7 APR 1948 surface mail commercial 1st day cover from NATCHEZ Mississippi (return addressed BRONX New York) to TEL AVIV, franked 6c & tied by FDC machine cancel; posted 11 days after 27 March US surface-mail suspension to Palestine, so marked by TWO different NEW YORK CITY Post Office "Surface Mail Suspended | Return to Sender" instructional marking h...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
27-04-1948 earliest dated US airmail affected by postal suspension to Palestine
1948 earliest US "service suspended" airmail to Palestine: 27 APR 1948 air letter from NEW YORK CITY (return addressed Stamford) to TEL AVIV, pre-franked 10c per postage period rate & tied by local postmark; here, posted the day after the American airmail suspension to Palestine, so marked by "RETURNED TO SENDER | SERVICE SUSPENDED" instructional marking handstamp K-Type-V on earliest known postma...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
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