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3) Interim Period Foreign Postal Links

1948 Interim Israel franked/postmarked printed matter cover KFAR VITKIN-HOLLAND
1948 Interim mail abroad rarity: surface mailed printed matter cover sent from KFAR VITKIN to ROTTERDAM Holland, franked 5m per period postage rate using interim Negev stamp single tied by full strike of the local interim postmark in violet - both against regulations as for overseas mail both the stamp and the postmark had to be UPU compliant, eg. Mandate stamps and Mandate postmark, but the stamp...
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Thursday, 21 November 2024 12:02
Unique 1948 interim cover to Petroleum Company HAIFA forwarded by AIR to LEBANON
Unique interim 1948 private postal air link to Lebanon: undated cover addressed to employee "care of" the Iraq Petroleum Company in Haifa, franked 10 mils per period inland letter rate using horizontal pair of interim stamps (Tel Aviv overprint) & tied by single strike of very deformed interim postmark (as per the hallmarks, likely of the HADAR HACARMEL post office - late interim period usage); su...
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Wednesday, 20 November 2024 22:00
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