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2) Minhelet Haam-Interim period (3)
5) 14-16 May 1948 1st Day Israel Mail (1)
9) Besieged Jerusalem (20 April-20 June) (6)
10) Post-Siege Interim Jerusalem (after 20 June) (1)
14) Emergency Postal Services & Foreign links (1)

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5/1948 Haifa express mail with mixed Mandate/Interim franking & postmarks
1948 Interim mixed franking domestic mail: 12 MY 48 local HAIFA express cover to northern district engineer franked 50m at the postage period rate (10m letter + 40m express) using mix of 10m Mandate pictoral (Ba97) + block x4 10m Ramat Gan interim stamps (Ba26) tied by 3 strikes of Haifa Minhelet Ha'am postmark and back-stamped twice 12 MY 48 by Mandate HADAR HACARMEL branch office postmark (GD-10...
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Friday, 31 July 2020 19:01
1948 HAIFA registered mail with mixed Interim/Mandate franking & postal markings
1948 Interim period mixed franking mail: MAY 1948 local HAIFA registered cover from MOUNT CARMEL branch office, franked 25m per postage period rate using mix of Mandate pictorals 5m & 10m (Ba93/97) + interim Weizmann 10m (Ba12) with scarce Haifa overprint & tied by 2 strikes of local interim dateless postmark + 2 on back; tied by Haifa-3 (Mt. Carmel) period registry-label 2243 indicating mailing c...
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Friday, 31 July 2020 19:01
1948 frozen dated Palestine Mandate cancel on Israeli interim period reg. mail
Frozen dated Mandate cancel on interim mail: undated May 1948 period local TEL AVIV registered mail, franked 25m per period rate, using interim franks & tied by 2x strikes of the local interim postmark (none on the back - unusually, for registered mail); backstamped 5 MAY arrival using the double ring Mandate bar cancel - this being a "frozen dated" device (set to the last date of the Mandate post...
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Friday, 31 July 2020 19:01
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