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1933-1946 Holocaust era Philately & Ephemera (20)
Judaica postcards - postally used (3)
Mail related to Jewish history or the JNF (19)

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Judaica postcards - postally used

Polish Judaica postcard Rabbi & Student, by Trinbetsch; Verlag Jehudia, Warsaw
Jewish mail during the 1920 Polish-Soviet War: 11 VI 1920 postmarked artistic picture postcard entitled "The Rebbe and the Talmid", with caption in Hebrew & Hebrew-spelled Yiddish, of painting by M. Trinbetsch; published by Verlag Jehudia, Warsaw as issue #111 of the series; from KRAKOW to GELSENKIRCHEN Germany, franked 50 fenigow & tied by local postmark + bold black Polish instructional marking....
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
Hungarian 1938 annexation Judaica postcard Beregszasz/Berehove Great Synagogue
Jewish Synagogues: Hungary > Beregsz?sz/Beregsas/Berehove - GREAT SYNAGOGUE in center of colorized photographic postcard by Kiadja Friedman | M?ritz K?zponti Baz?r of Beregsz?sz, with printed Czech & Hungarian captions. Used: postmarked 1938 (message dated 29 NOV 1938) from BEREGSZASZ to BUDAPEST, franked 2f & tied by special large single circle BEREGSZASZ-VISSZAT?RT ("homecoming") postmark; sende...
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
Czechoslovakian Judaica postcard of Olmutz/Olomouc Synagogue + Nationalist label
Jewish Synagogues: Czechoslovakia > Olm?tz - OLOMOUC SYNAGOGUE in colored multiple photograph display postcard of the town by Hermann Seibt of Meissen (1908 edition) with Art Deco styled title & German captions below images on front, including of the Synagogue. Used: postmarked 8-07-1909 from OLMUTZ to CZERNOWITZ (today: Chernivtsi, Ukraine), franked 5h & tied by local postmark + 2(pf) denominated...
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
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