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Postmarks & Postal Markings of Haifa (6)
Postmarks & Postal Markings of Jerusalem (7)
Postmarks & Postal Markings of Small Locales (2)
Postmarks & Postal Markings of Mandate Government (3)

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1933 rare Palestine Mandate PARDESS HANNA arrival postmark on mail from Romania
Small town/Mandate postmarks: near full strike of very rare PARDESS HANNA skeleton date-stamp (Dorf-1, rated H), with inverted 'B' index, as arrival postmark on back of 24 AUG 1933 uprated Romanian pre-paid postal stationary cover from Jewish business IASI & franked 10L in total; backstamped 3 SEP 1933 arrival; slit open at left. Est. value $500+...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
7/1944 WWII Jewish soldier mail ex Egypt to MERHAVIA w/rare/unrecorded postmarks
Small locales / Mandate & rare Egyptian postmarks on Jewish soldier's mail: 9 JY 1944 stampless "honour envelope" noted as 'Hebrew' correspondence from FPO 655 (ABBASSIA, Egypt) to KIBBUTZ MERHAVIA, tied by strike of FPO postmark & backstamped same day #4 Base Post Office "EGYPT POSTAGE PREPAID" machine cancel with slogan "It Pays to Lend" (here with wide datehead left and normal datehead die at r...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
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