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WWI Military Mail in Palestine (14)
Inter-war Foreign Postal Links 1921-1939 (51)
Baghdad Overland Mail (9)
Domestic mail 1921-1948 (29)
Post WWI Military Mail 1921-1948 (2)
WWII era Foreign Postal Links with Allied, Liberated & Neutral Countries (35)
WWII era Military Mail (24)
Post WWII-Holocaust Foreign Postal Links (23)
Taxed Mail (4)
WWII era Foreign Postal Links with Axis, Related & Occupied Countries (29)

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Taxed Mail

1945 taxed censored returned eastbound Baghdad overland cover Palestine - TEHRAN
Taxed eastbound mail: c. JULY 1945 commercial cover (from HAIFA?) to TEHRAN, sent via overland service via Baghdad but underfranked at 10m (15m was period rate), tied by machine cancel; backstamped 29 JLY 1945 BAGHDAD transit, where cover censored (front); probably at this stage of transmission, cover damaged: backstamped 15 IX 45 TEHERAN arrival (6 week transit), marked for tax on front (uncollec...
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
1946 Palestine cover to Jewish Brigade soldier; redirected as OAS mail
Untaxed mail Jewish Brigade soldier: 12 JUNE 1946 family correspondence cover from TEL AVIV (return addressed GIVATAYIM) to relative in Jewish Brigade (assigned to British Army on the Rhine), franked 10m per inland letter rate (should have been 20m for non-UK surface mail - but not taxed, probably because to a soldier), tied by strike of local postmark; backstamped 22 JU 46 FPO 690 (ANTWERP) arriv...
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
1923 Palestine Mandate 8 mils 1st postage dues stamp on postcard from Greece
Mandate 1st postage dues on incoming mail: 14 SEPT 1923 surface mailed picture-postcard of Constantinople in Hebrew spelled Yiddish from PIREUS(?) to TEL AVIV mailed unfranked and tied by local machine cancel on front, taxed 8m (double deficiency) in Palestine and marked by metal boxed cachet, paid using 8m 1st Mandate postage dues Ba #D4 frank tied by 30 Sept 23 TEL AVIV JAFFA branch office postm...
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Palestine Mandate 1939 taxed cover postage due unpaid extra weight booklet stamp
Postage dues for unpaid extra weight: 17 Jan 1939 postmarked cover from JERUSALEM (return address on front) to the "Ha'avara" initiative in TEL AVIV, franked 6m for the period 5m domestic letter rate, using stamp booklet vertical pair of 3m - but underfranked as the cover weighed 33g (per manuscript) and required an additional 3m for the excess 13g above the base weight of 20g. As the postage paid...
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