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1894 PORT SAID Retta cancel on Holyland JAFFA ship dispatched postcard Denmark
Ottoman maritime mail: 20 IX 1894 dated postcard in Danish on 1892 issue Ottoman postal stationary postcard (Bale unlisted: like #709 frame-type C but lacking "avec response payee") from JAFFA (see bottom of correspondence) to COPENHAGEN Denmark, with pre-printed 20pa franking per 1st UPU period overseas postcard rate; as the franking was tied by a 'Retta' (Egyptian) cancellation, the postcard was...
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
Ottoman Turkish Beersheva BIR-ES-SEBA 2 all-Arabic postmark on telegram receipts
World War I era Turkish Beersheva BIR-ES-SEBA 2 (Ba 883) rare all-Arabic postmark: 1918-dated 5 full strikes tied to block of 20x 1916 3rd series War Orphans overprinted 20pa stamps (Ba 464/289) - 400 Para - gummed on back of partially torn ledger sheet of 5 attached telegram receipts (with signatures & Arabic manuscript), i.e. 80 Para per receipt....
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
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