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Foreign Post Offices

1874 Palestine French Holyland franked cover JERUSALEM-COGNAC via JAFFA & Egypt
Palestine Forerunners - the French Holyland Post: 3rd pre-UPU period OCT 1874 folded commercial letter (dated 28 Oct) from JERUSALEM to COGNAC France, franked 80c at the 1871-76 5th postage rate period's letter rate using French Ceres stamp; although a French-run postal agency existed in JERUSALEM (under the Damiani family), here letter transmitted by non-affiliated forwarding agent "W. Duisberg" ...
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
3 postal authority handled 1895 French Holyland Palestine postcard to JERUSALEM
Incoming mail/French Holyland PO: scarce 14 MAR 1895 French prepaid black 'Carte Postale' postcard (Ba PC-01) with 10 centimes value (Ba F-F) from SMYRNA to JERUSALEM, tied by French Turkish-Asia SMYRNA PO postmark; backstamped 19 MAR JAFFA transit via French PO in Holyland (scarce Ba 311 postmark) & 20 MAR 1895 JERUSALEM arrival - here handled by Austrian PO (postmark 114). Scarce mail handled by...
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
1903 Ottoman Holyland postcard from JERICHO to SWEDEN with rare blue postmarks
Holyland Ottoman-Turkish postmarks: 2x very fine strikes of rare blue JERICHO postmark (Ba 798b) dated 26-12-1903 tied to 2x 10 Para franks on Turkish UPU picture postcard of Dead Sea (by L. Schoeneke, JERUSALEM) to GYEVIK Sweden, per period 20 Pa overseas postcard rate; backstamped 2-1-1904 JERUSALEM transit (Ba 800); message in Swedish on front. On reverse is ornamental "NH" cachet, possibly of ...
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
Holyland 1904 postcard JERUSALEM-VIENNA, mixed German & British postage stamps
Unusual mixed British-German franking on Hotel mail: 24-09-1904 souvenir picture postcard of the Kings Garden in the Kidron Valley (B. Hentschel, Leipzig publishers) specially produced for the "Wurtemburg-ish Pilgrimage to the Holyland, 15 August - 8 Sept. 1904" & imprinted "printed matter postcard" in German, without a message - only "Papa" handwritten on the front, from sender at Lloyd Fast Hote...
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
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