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WWI Military Mail in Palestine (7)
Baghdad Overland Mail (7)
Domestic mail 1918-1948 (4)
Post WWI Military Mail 1919-1948 (2)
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WWII era Military Mail (6)
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UNIQUE WWII 10/1939 Palestine cv to Nazi Germany received, processed & returned!
TRANSMITTED & RETURNED wartime civilian mail to Third Reich: Sept-Oct 1939 period commercial cover on Etz Hayim Yeshiva stationary (marked "return postage guaranteed") from JERUSALEM to SILUTE "Lithuania", likely franked 15m (Ba #108) now missing, for overseas surface mail; as of 23 March 1939 the locale became part of German-annexed Memelland (not Lithuania), hence now processed by Wehrmacht cens...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
1940 WWII Vichy French cover to Palestine Mandate after renewed postal relations
Wartime incoming civilian mail: 10-08-1940 uprated postcard from LYON (now Vichy France) to TEL AVIV franked 1.50Fr; received in Palestine as per hexigonal T5 Tel Aviv censor cachet. The UK suspended postal services to France and her colonies on 25 June 1940, on the same date the Vichy government was installed; Vichy severed diplomatic ties with the UK on 8 July following her attack on French Flee...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
WWII/Holocaust era Jewish mail from Hungarian occupied KLAUSENBURG to TEL AVIV
Wartime incoming civilian mail: 8 X 1940 cover from KOLOZSVAR (Klausenburg) Hungary to TEL AVIV, franked 40f per period surface rate to Palestine; passed T5 censor (Sach-21a) in TEL AVIV. Rare origin & period: locale occupied by Hungary a month earlier (from Romania 11 Sept.); Hungary entered WWII shortly after, on 20 Nov. 1940. Locale was home-town of important Sanz-Klausenburg Hassidic dynasty. ...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
1940 WWII/Holocaust censored mail postcard from Soviet-occupied LVOV - Palestine
Wartime incoming civilian mail: 23-09-1940 uprated registered postcard in German on Soviet postal stationary, from Soviet-occupied LVOV to HAIFA, pre-franked 30Kop + additional 20Kop applied & tied by 2 strikes of local Soviet Post postmark + Polish registry handstamp; passed Haifa Palestine Censor H34 (Sach-Q24 - almost a year after his last known date of use; also recorded as being used only for...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
12/1940 WWII-Holocaust Danish Red Cross mail ex occupied COPENHAGEN to TEL AVIV
Wartime WWII/Holocaust-era incoming Red Cross mail: stampless Danish Red Cross contact form with 25 word message in English dated 11-12-1940 from German-occupied COPENHAGEN to TEL AVIV, tied by local Danish Red Cross cachet + air mail etiquette - this unusual; front-stamped by IRC GENEVA circular cachet + 23 DEC 1940 transit (dater at bottom; relatively quick transit time - perhaps by airmail); pa...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
11/1944 WWII/Holocaust-era Jewish POW mail from Germany to HAIFA via Egypt
WWII/Holocaust-era POW mail: 24.11.1944 stampless "Kriegsgefangenpost" postcard in English from Jewish-Palestinian soldier at "Stammlager IV-D" (Stalag IV-D) [TORGAU] to HAIFA, tied by camp shield-shaped censor handstamp (Geprüft 28 Stammlager IV-D) & mute double-ring date-stamp; passed Deputy Chief Field Censor [Egypt]; message dated 15 Nov. 1944 (odd delay in dispatch); vertical fold. The c...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
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