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1938-1945 WWII era Civilian Postal Links with Axis & Occupied Countries (2)
1899-1902 Second Boer War (1)
1914-1919 WWI era military mail (50)
1919-1920 Polish-Soviet War era mail (1)
1919-1939 Interwar period (1)
1933-1946 Holocaust era philately & ephemera (12)
1990-2000s Gulf Wars mail suspensions (2)
Red Cross, Displaced Persons Camps & Postage Exempt Civilian Mail (7)
Postkrieg mail & Political philately (1)
Terror & Hijack Mail (1)

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1990-91 First Gulf War era suspended service mail from UK to BAGHDAD
1990-91 First Gulf War suspended service mail: wartime era undated bulk [printed matter?] airmail cover from BOURNEMOUTH to BAGHDAD, refused ongoing transmission & marked by large 2-line instructional marking handstamp "Return to Sender | No Transport Links Available | Because of Middle East Situation" (this being one of 3 British Gulf-war era mail suspension instructional markings known to Kibble...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
1996 late post-Gulf War suspended service mail from OUTER HEBRIDES to BAGHDAD
Late post-Gulf War suspended service mail: 28 NOV 1996 airmail cover from Stornoway ISLE of LEWIS (Outer Hebrides, UK; return addressed WILLINGTON, UK) to BAGHDAD (obscured by label), franked 31p per 8 JUL 1996 period surface & airmail rate & tied by local machine slogan cancel; as no postal service to Iraq, affixed with printed label over address "Return to sender | No Transport Link | Available,...
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Saturday, 01 May 2021 01:59
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