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1938-1945 WWII era Civilian Postal Links with Axis & Occupied Countries (9)
1861-1865 American Civil War - Confederate States of America (7)
1870 Franco-Prussian War (1)
1899-1902 Second Boer War (2)
1914-1919 WWI era civilian mail (3)
1914-1919 WWI era military mail (54)
1919-1920 Polish-Soviet War era mail (1)
1919-1939 Interwar period (1)
1938-1945 WWII era Civilian Postal Links with Allied, Neutral & Liberated Countries (2)
1938-1945 WWII era military mail (3)
1933-1946 Holocaust era philately & ephemera (17)
1956 Suez Crisis (1)
1990-2000s Gulf Wars mail suspensions (2)
Red Cross, Displaced Persons Camps & Postage Exempt Civilian Mail (14)
Postkrieg mail & Political philately (1)
Terror & Hijack Mail (2)

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1914-1919 WWI era civilian mail

WWI 1917 local Polish post CIECHOCINEK-WARSAW mail, local charge cachet & frank
WWI era local Polish post: 25 JULY 1917 postmarked touristic picture postcard of Alexandrowo (by George Stilke publishers of Berlin) with German message, from CIECHOCINEK to WARSAW; as of 1915 the Warsaw region of the former area of Congress Poland was occupied by Germany and the zone renamed "General Gouvernement Warschau" (General Governorate Warsaw): the occupying force did not provide any loca...
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1919 WWI Egypt franked British army OHMS cover BASE APO Z scarce postmark
British WWI military mail in Egypt: 21 AU 1921 OHMS cover from BASE APO Z (ALEXANDRIA) to swimming club ALEXANDRIA, franked 5m per letter rate & tied by full strike scarce skeleton single circle postmark Proud-D7; backstamped same day arrival using local civilian post office postmark. Slit open at top, very fine....
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
1919 rare POSTAGE FREE post-WWI British Post Office OHMS REGISTERED cover
RARE postage free registered mail concession on British post-WWI official mail: 23 JAN 1919 local stampless OHMS registered cover on imprinted "Post Office" postal stationary, sent locally in CAIRO from Army Post Office APO SZ 10 to Royal Air Force RAF Nasrieh Hospital, tied full strike of scarce date-bridge postmark (Proud-D6) + 1-lined A.P.O. SZ 10 registry label with manuscript adjusted registr...
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