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1938-1945 WWII era Civilian Postal Links with Axis & Occupied Countries (2)
1899-1902 Second Boer War (1)
1914-1919 WWI era military mail (50)
1919-1920 Polish-Soviet War era mail (1)
1919-1939 Interwar period (1)
1933-1946 Holocaust era philately & ephemera (12)
1990-2000s Gulf Wars mail suspensions (2)
Red Cross, Displaced Persons Camps & Postage Exempt Civilian Mail (7)
Postkrieg mail & Political philately (1)
Terror & Hijack Mail (1)

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1901 Boer War franked & censored mail ex POW at RAGAMA camp Ceylon to HUMANSDORP
Second Boer War (1899-1902) mail: 25 JULY 1901 plain envelope from RAGAMA prisoner of war camp in Ceylon to addressee in HUMANSDORP in Cape Colony "South Africa", franked 6c, opened and sealed by censor using vertical black on pink E. Arms R. /Opened Under Martial Law label tied by oval camp censor cachet, then frank tied by RAGAMA CAMP skeleton postmark, same day COLOMBO transit (postmark on fron...
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