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Israeli Domestic Taxed Mail 1948-1959 (7)
Israeli Domestic Taxed Mail 1960-1979 (3)
Israeli Domestic Taxed Mail 1980+ (2)
Israeli Overseas Taxed Mail 1948-1959 (2)
Israeli Overseas Taxed Mail 1960+ (10)
Israeli Top-of-the-Pile Taxed Mail (2)

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23-8-1961 Jerusalem to Tel Aviv revenues-franked cv taxed for twice full postage
1961 domestic taxed mail: 23-8-1961 commercial cover from travel agency in JERUSALEM to hotel in TEL AVIV, franked 10ag using a 1961 revenue stamp (Ba-REV.40); rejected by the local post office which applied Jerusalem-41 postmark on blank area of the cover, circled the unaccepted stamp and taxed the cover twice the DO-10 letter rate of 0.12L (manuscript notation); cover slit open at top....
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Friday, 31 July 2020 19:01
1963 Jerusalem to TLV printed matter cv taxed for return delivery w/Zodiac stamp
1963 return fee cover: 2-4-1963 commercial printed matter stationary cover from JERUSALEM to TEL AVIV franked 8Ag at the DO-11 period printed matter rate using single Zodiac frank (Ba208); address unknown, and as cover marked "return postage guaranteed", marked by 2-lined bilingual Inconnu/Retour boxed cachet (address obliterated by base of cachet) & manuscript (on back) and charged the printed ma...
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Friday, 31 July 2020 19:01
24-11-1970 Rehovot to Tel Aviv mail under-franked after rate grace period, taxed
1970 domestic taxed cover: 24-11-1970 commercial cover from REHOVOT to TEL AVIV franked 0.15L using tabbed 1970 Levy Eshkol (Ba449) towards the start of the 1 Nov. new DO-13 rate period, and as now 0.03L short, and beyond the 2 week grace period, taxed twice the deficiency (as unsealed, if this was sent at the period's correct printed matter rate, the cover wasn't so identified, and therefore taxe...
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