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Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1949-1956 (19)
Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1957-1967 (9)
Arab-Israeli mail of 1967 War era (10)
Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1967-1973 (3)
Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1974-2000s (5)
Postkrieg, Anti-Zionist Franking & Politically inspired refusal of service (3)

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Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1974-2000s

1977 Israel to CAIRO 1st Flight cover, refused service + rare postal marks
UNIQUE 1977-80 Israel-Egypt peace relations "no service" mail: 13-12-1977 El-Al "first flight" cover from TEL AVIV to CAIRO, franked 4.10L per FA-27 postage period rate & tied by 3 strikes of First Flight cachet; refused service locally & marked by Hebrew "No Service" + bilingual English/French "PAS DE SERVICE VOIE(sic) ISRAEL" instructional marking handstamp K-Types T-VIII & T-VII (of which this ...
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
1974 Israeli airmail cover USA; return mis-routed Lebanon + rare no-service mark
Lebanese postal boycott of Israel: 14 FEB 1974 airmail commercial cover on Israeli Atomic Energy Agency stationary from YAVNE to Bell Laboratories MURRAY HILL (US), meter franked 1.10L per FA-23 postage period rate using the Agency's slogan machine cancel; front-stamped FEB 25 NEW PROVIDENCE arrival, but as unclaimed, returned - here misrouted & sent via LEBANON, backstamped 28-5-74 BEIRUT arrival...
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
UNIQUE 1974 American cover to Israel misrouted Bahrain refused service returned
Bahranian postal boycott of Israel: 16 AUG 1974 large airmail printed-matter cover from Temple University PHILADELPHIA to Weizman Institute REHOVOT, meter franked 78c; mis-routed via BAHRAIN, where front-stamped 20 AU 74 MANAMA arrival + marked in manuscript "No Service to Israel" & returned to sender; manuscript crossed-out on arrival & resent to Israel. This is the only known example of "no serv...
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
1982 earliest known mail to Israel via Iran route, refused service
Start of Iranian postal boycott of Israel: 17 DEC 1982 airmail printed matter cover from KARLSRUHE to Nuclear Research Center YAVNE, meter franked 1.30DM + German "printed matter" handstamp in red near airmail etiquette; routed via IRAN (as postal relations with Israel existed until some time in 1982) but cover now marked by TEHRAN Post Office with English instructional marking handstamp K-Type-Ia...
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
1984 Tanzanian airmail cover to Israel, routed via Iran & refused service
Unusual postal link / Iranian postal boycott of Israel: 8 [unclear - OCT?] 1984 airmail stationary cover from DAR ES SALAAM Tanzania (no return address) to Israeli civilian PETACH TIKVA, franked 1.55TSh & tied by 2 strikes of local postmark; unusual postal connection & routing as Tanzania cut diplomatic links with Israel in 1973 (renewed 1995) - unlike Chad, there was no record of discreet back-ch...
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Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:00
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