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Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1949-1956 (11)
Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1957-1967 (5)
Arab-Israeli mail of 1967 War era (7)
Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1967-1973 (1)
Arab-Israeli mail suspensions 1974-2000s (2)

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6/1968 rare Israeli no-service postal markings on mail to Egypt
Very rare Israeli "no service" marks on mail to Egypt: 12 JUNE 1968 airmail cover on hotel stationary from TEL AVIV to CAIRO, franked 0.80L & tied by local machine cancel; sent by tourist just arrived from Egypt & realized he forgot his photos, sent letter to his contact to request them (original letter still enclosed): as no postal relations, TEL AVIV Post Office stapled section of mimeograph pap...
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