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Inter-war Foreign Postal Links 1918-1939 (1)
Baghdad Overland Mail (1)
Domestic mail 1918-1948 (15)
Post WWI Military Mail 1919-1948 (2)
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Post WWII-Holocaust Foreign Postal Links (1)

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8/1939 Jewish refugee mail ex Egyptian Legation BUDAPEST to TEL AVIV, w/ cachet
Wartime incoming Jewish refugee-related mail: 19 AUG 1939 registered cover on stationary of the Royal Egyptian Legation in BUDAPEST to Leopold Bauer TEL AVIV, franked on back per period rate & tied by 3 strikes of local postmark + legation's cachet; b/s 24 AU 1939 REG Tel Aviv arrival (1 week before outbreak WWII). Manuscript on back details financial sums in different currencies: appears to be pa...
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5/1945 Postwar/Holocaust cv ex Soviet occupied Poland to Jewish soldier in HAIFA
Postwar incoming civilian mail: 29 V 1945 registered postcard in Russian on Polish postal stationary from Mariam Berlas STRYI Poland to Jewish soldier (Erus Schutzer) in 468 Palestine Company Royal Army Service Corps General Transport (HAIFA), franked 40Kop (but uncancelled - no dispatch postmark on the postcard) & marked by 2x different registry handstamps (one Polish & one Soviet); passed Soviet...
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