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MAJOR DISCOVERY - the 15 mils EXPERIMENTAL COIL stamp on THICK vertically ribbed paper, in dark greenish-blue, tied to WWII Australian forces in Palestine 2 JUNE 1941 postmarked cover from 2nd Brigade HQ Post Office W.2. (undocumented usage period: either KHASSA or QASTINA) to Barclays Bank JERUSALEM; as not marked "OAS" (on active service), the cover was handled as civilian mail and franked 15m - either for the 10m domestic letter rate, or underfranked 1m for the additional 30g weight - using Ba #108b/Dorf #108x coil single, with 13½ (13.5) horizontal perforations as noted for coil stamps on vertically ribbed thin semi-transparent paper, but undocumented on thick paper; with characteristic cropped vertical perforations. Not to be confused as an excess stamp originating from the remaining strips of a sheet gullotined for booklet stamps as it is guillotined along both vertical axes. Tied by strike of W2 postmark (Proud rated 200); passed censor 1787 with officer's signature on front; backstamped 5 JUNE 41 GAZA civilian post transit (Dorf-6 predating his earliest known date of use by almost a year) - unusual routing & next day JERUSALEM arrival. Slit open at top, resealed by the owner.

The significance of this discovery is that it shows 15 mils coil stamps existed well into the 1940s, beyond the single order (of 525,000) for them of 2 Sept 1933 documented in Norman Collins' compilation of the Crown Agents Requisition Books. As those records show no orders for coil stamps between August 1936 and August 1938 (the boon years of the pre-war expansion of postal and air services) and many missing requisition order numbers in between, they are likely incomplete as this example attests. Ben-Arieh certificate enclosed.