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Thin semi-transparent vertically ribbed 8 mils Mandate pictorial (Ba #106e / Dorf #106a, 13½:14½ perforation as documented for this paper) tied to picture postcard of Jews at the Wailing Wall (Lehnert & Landrock, Cairo publishers), postmarked 15 APR 1933 from JERUSALEM to PARIS per period surface mail postcard rate. Here the date of use predates Dorfman's date of July-August 1934 for this issue, which he associates with a certain order of Crown Agents Requisition Books, and this special production may originate instead with the earlier April 1932 order which was for the new color schemes of the 7m and 8m stamps (although it is this cataloger's assessment that the compilation of the requisition books is incomplete and missing other orders). Ben-Arieh certificate enclosed.