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MAJOR experimental coil paste-up DISCOVERY: vertical pair of 5m Mandate Pictorials assembled as a paste-up for coil dispensers, where the top stamp here is printed on vertically ribbed thin semi-transparent paper, perforated 13¼:14½ (13.25 x 14.5) and the bottom stamp is printed on thin woven un-ribbed paper, compound perforated 13¼:14½ (13.25 x 14.5) on left and 13¼:15 (13.25 x 15) on right, as 10m franking tied to 28 JUN 1933 postmarked cover from EIN HAROD (return addressed moshav KFAR YEHEZKEL) to BNEI BRAK, tied by AIN HAROD postmark; backstamped 28 June HAIFA transit, next day TEL AVIV transit & 30 June arrival; cut open at right.

Of note: the perforations measured are not documented as such for experimental coils in the literature - these are generally known printed on vertically ribbed thin semi-transparent paper, perforated 13½:14½ (13.5 x 14.5); likewise the paper used on the lower stamp is undocumented altogether: thick woven paper is known used from 1940 onwards, but thin woven paper is not known at all.

A consequence of these findings is that paste-ups were not necessarily assembled from the same stamp sheet as generally believed, and the lower stamp with compound vertical perforations and unusual paper may be reused printer's waste. Also, unlike other observed examples, here the stamp is pasted on the front rather than from the back. The "paste-up" effect was the result of stamp sheets being cut into vertical strips, which were then pasted together in order to form rolls of stamps, to be dispensed by vending machines.