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GROUND-BREAKING anti-coil DISCOVERY: a 16 SEPT 1932 postmarked 3 mils Pictorial single stamp serving as printed matter surface mail postage tied to a cover from JERUSALEM to MINNEAPOLIS USA, in light olive-green on vertically ribbed thin semi-transparent paper, with compound horizontal perforations of 13½:14½ (13.5 x 14.5, top) and 13¼:14½ (13.25 x 14.5, bottom), where the 13.5 gauge on the horizontal perforation is documented for this type of paper.

This paper type is been widely assumed to have been used for so-called "experimental coil stamps" of this period, as mentioned in Bale's, Dorfmans's & Hoexter's Mandate catalogues plus articles by Dorfman, Hochheiser, Wiener and others; indeed, Bale and Dorfman relegate only the 7m and 8m stamps as having been produced on this paper but not as coil stamps. Here, as per the visible full blind perforation on the right vertical axis (unguillotined) - together with the randomly long but unguillotined left vertical perforations - we have positive proof that this paper type was used also for regular postage stamps and not just vending machine coil stamps. A ground-breaking discovery which completely changes how philatelists should interpret stamps produced on this type of (rare) paper. Rated VR (very rare) by Bale if affixed to mail - only one copy known to him on a cover (or $4000 if Mint Never Hinged, only 1 known to Bale); here an archetype confirming these are not necessarily coil stamps. Cover missing backflap (unsealed per printed matter regulations). Ben-Arieh certificate enclosed.