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MAJOR COIL DISCOVERY: vertical strip of 3x 2 mils experimental coil stamps, in greenish-blue, printed on THICK vertically ribbed paper - perforated 13½:14½ (13.5 x 14.5) as recorded for vertically ribbed thin semi-transparent paper used for experimental coils, rather than 13¼ (13.25) horizontally, as recorded for this paper; tied to air mail cover postmarked 12 Dec 1936, from TEL AVIV to Cathrinebjerg manor at VARMARK in Denmark, with vertical strip of 3x 3 mils stamps as 15m postage per period letter rate on Imperial Airlines; backstamped 18 Dec COPENHAGEN-WARNEMUNDE post transit-arrival, meaning the cover was then transported by sea to the address; opened roughly at back but resealed (there is a loose 4m stamp inside).

The 2m vertical coil strip is identifiable by the perfectly straight-cut top-most perforation, with tall perforation teeth (as expected from the production process for coils, by forming them from cut-up vertical strips from stamp sheets), and the characteristically mashed upper left vertical perforation, with upwards bent teeth as a result of dispensation from a stamp machine.

Of note: as per the upward pointing teeth, the strip was dispensed bottom-end first as was the standard in the UK from 1927 onwards, where these stamps were produced, and not top-end first as originally documented - and even questioned - by Arthur Hocheiser ("The Palestine Paste-Up Coils: An Enigma", Israel Philatelist Journal #50, 1999).

The 3 mils strip is also perforated 13½:14½ (13.5 x 14.5), on vertically ribbed thick paper, and may also be coil stamps: although it exhibits no overt characteristics of coil stamps (which are nonetheless not requisite features and not always apparent), we have confirmed a 3m experimental coil stamp on vertically ribbed thick paper with this undocumented 13.5 horizontal perforation (SKU 143707). Both strips are creased along the horizontal perforations as may be expected from being rolled up in a roll (rather than removed from a flat stamp sheet).

This cover, being part of a 20 piece series of correspondence examined by the cataloguer, is the only one where the sender affixed vertical strips of 3 stamps; all his other letters to the same addressee were either franked horizontally or used a maximum of a vertical pair of stamps. At present these strips represent the largest multiple of the experimental coils in either of these 2m & 3m denominations, in any paper.