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BIG DISCOVERY - EXPERIMENTAL COIL 2m vertical pair Pictorials on vertically ribbed thin semi-transparent paper in slightly darker gray-blue than the thin semi-transparent paper issue, perforated 13½:14½ (13.50 x 14.50) as per Bale for this type of paper and with characteristic pulled teeth on the bottom horizontal perforation (suggesting top-end feeding from the stamp vending machine) + close-cropped (right) vertical perforation due to the paste-up coil manufacturing process of slicing up vertical rows of stamp sheets and pasting these together into rolls; tied to 19 DEC 1935 postmarked German postal card used for domestic mail, from tiny locale Kibbutz KVUZAT SCHILLER (present day GAN SHLOMO) via REHOVOT to TEL AVIV, franked 4m per period domestic postcard rate & tied by single strike of the local postmark.

The rarest denomination "experimental coil" stamp, to date only 1 used copy of a 2m coil stamp was known (per Dorfman/Bale); here a vertical pair - now the largest known multiple - unpriced in Bale, so rare.

A point of order: this cataloguer has confirmed (July 2021) that the compilation of Crown Agents Requisition Books of order for the Mandate, by Norman Collins, is vastly incomplete, by at least 40% of the orders. Although most philatelists relying on that source reference order #4090 of 7 Oct. 1930 as the only order for the 2m coil stamps, this cataloguer - aware of the usage period here being 5 years later - draws the reader's attention to a coil stamp order (#7884/2) logged sometime between late 1935 and early 1936 referencing "white thin postage paper": whether this stamp comes from that order or from another unlisted, we see here that this type of rare paper re-entered use at this time, making this a doubly rare stamp by virture of being part of an as yet undocumented later order. Ben-Arieh certificate enclosed.