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The rare Austrian Crete issued 10 Centimes Ba #103 carmine on rose stamp as Holyland postage: 6 Apr 1912 postmarked color picture postcard of the Garden of Gethsemane, from JERUSALEM to URSINA Pennsylvania USA, with Good Friday holiday message in English; here for the period 20 Para overseas postcard postage rate, the sender used an Austrian Crete-issued 10 cent stamp which was sold in the Holyland at a rate of 10c for 20para, here the very rare 1908 10 Centimes carmine on rose paper Austrian issue stamp for Crete with French denomination of the Emperor's Jubilee series (Ba #103 - rarity rated R) & tied by single full strike of the local Austrian Post Office postmark (index letter long "b" - Steichele #549/Ba #129). Rare franking & rare destination (very tiny local).