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Censored mail rarity - returned military censored mail + memorandum: 16 Feb 1965 postmarked air mail cover sent from a female soldier (per the return address) from a civilian post office at NAHAL AYALON to female addressee in LONDON UK; franked 35 Agorot for the period letter postage rate to Europe & tied by a single strike of the local postmark.

The cover was subsequently opened & sealed by the military censor, who inserted a memorandum, affixed a "RETURN TO SENDER" label on the front (mentioning that a memorandum had been inserted), over the sending address, and with a portion of the return address obliterated in black marking (likely identifying the specific branch of the military the sender was serving in), and returned the letter to the sender - this being a rarely observed procedure.

Of greater significance and rarity is the memorandum (not original to this letter as dated 20 Jan 1963 in regard to a different addressee, but relevant for the circumstance) which indicates that the reason for the refusal of service is that as a serving member of the military the letter had to be sent through the Army post office and not the civilian post office; here the sending is being warned and instructed to send the letter by the Army post office and that if again the regulation is violated a complaint will be filed with the commander of the sender's military unit.