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Misdirected returned Jordanian mail to Israel - not refused service: 11 June 1950 postmarked surface mail cover from Jordanian annexed HEBRON (return addressed "Palestine") to LAS PALMAS (Canary Islands) Spain, franked 30 mils using "Palestine" overprinted stamps & tied by single strike of the local postmark; backstamped early August 1950 (single digit arrival date) arrival, but as per an 8 Aug. manuscript notation on the back, the addressee had left the address. The cover was stamped by a Spanish "CANTADO EN CARTERIA" non-delivery instructional marking + a small framed Spanish/French "Return to Sender" instructional marking; the address was crossed off and an arrow was drawn pointing to the stamps & the return address circled; the cover was return dispatched 16(?) Aug. but evidentally misrouted to Israel as subsequently backstamped 10 Oct. HAIFA head post office arrival. Here the address was of course unknown & the cover backstamped with a carmine colored instructional marking to indicate non-delivery of the letter + tied on front by a large carmine RETOUR handstamp - to return to the Spanish dispatching Office of Exchange. A rare instance of mail from an Arab country without postal relations with Israel not refused handling in Israel on account of its origin. Opened gently at back; repaired & reinforced.