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1948 War of Independence interrupted mail: 15 Feb 1948 postmarked local TEL AVIV registered cover, sent from business ("Ichsun Ltd") to addressee at Kalisher Street in the city; franked 25 mils per the postage rate (10m letter + 15m registry fee) & tied by 2x strikes of the oval registry division postmark on front + 2x on back. The street is located near the border of [Arab] JAFFO, the Manshiya neighborhood, and the Hassan Bek Mosque, from whose minaret tower snipers would fire onto [Jewish] Tel Aviv: the letter could not be delivered & the postman specifically wrote in Hebrew on the back "Dangerous Area" (Ezor Sakana), signing it "Yaakov 60" and possibly the apartment and building address below "16/12" (building 16, apartment 12).

The address was crossed off in red crayon and the letter was held at the "Returned Letter Duty" office but remained unclaimed, so the cover front was stamped with a Hebrew instructional marking "Not Claimed at RLD" underscored in darker red crayon whereupon the return address was so circled and returned & the back stamped with an unfilled instructional marking for the reason for non-delivery. The pencil manuscript on the front reads "Levy Mussa", possibly a postal clerk handling the returned cover. Torn open at top.

Per press reports of the period, on 17 Feb. it was reported in "HaMashkif" newspaper that mail in the Florentine neighborhood had ceased to be delivered although on 2 March a reply in the name of the Tel Aviv postmaster noted that mail was indeed being delivered as normal - except in the area near the border with Jaffa (eg. Salameh Street), whose residents were asked instead to come to the "Tel Aviv post office" and pick up their mail at the poste restante counter. Here this cover was likely affected this improvised policy.

The area was captured by Jewish forces in April, with the Irgun/Etzel underground movement and pre-State army Hagana's military operation to capture Jaffa. A rare instance of war-affected mail in Tel Aviv.