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Mail reforwarding tax on incoming Mandate mail: 25 March 1945 postmarked double weight registered air mail cover, sent from JERUSALEM to LONDON & franked 95 mils for 15m registry fee + 2x 10g weight at 40m each; tied by 2x strikes of the oval REGISTERED JERUSALEM postmark on front & back + registry label of the head post office. The cover was subsequently redirected to HINDHEAD in Britain & tied with instruction marking "posted out of course" with a "3d" (3 pence) fee handstamp, paid on 4 April in Surrey with a local 3d stamp; backstamped same day delivery.

An unusual postal charge appearing to be a postage dues penalty: the POOC marking (used in Britain and parts of the Empire, but not seen in Palestine) was usually applied to mail mis-entered into the mail stream, particularly registered letters which were entered by a sender into a letter box rather than at the public counter for registry; the mis-sorting and belated registering incurred a charge equivalent to the registry fee - like "compulsory registration": if insufficient postage had been paid the penalty was twice the deficiency, but if the correct postage had been paid the fee was the single charge of the registry fee. Nevertheless:

in the UK there was a fee for the redirection of mail which also used the POOC marking (this possibly being unique to registered letters rather than standard mail, which is observed marked with "re-direction" instructional markings): from 1892 the redirection of domestic letters was free of charge provided 3 conditions were met, one of which - the most common - was that the redirection had to take place within 24 hours of the first delivery (Sundays and holidays being excepted). Here, with a Jerusalem registry label the problem seems not to have been a mis-sorting of the mail but rather that it was redirected after the 24 hour period of its initial delivery - and here was charged twice the domestic letter rate as the letter was double weight. Rarely seen postal handling/tax on Palestine Mandate originating mail.