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Unique interim 1948 private postal air link to Lebanon: undated cover addressed to employee "care of" the Iraq Petroleum Company in Haifa, franked 10 mils per period inland letter rate using horizontal pair of interim stamps (Tel Aviv overprint) & tied by single strike of very deformed interim postmark (as per the hallmarks, likely of the HADAR HACARMEL post office - late interim period usage); subsequently office arrival backstamped GENERAL OFFICE TRIPOLI RECEIVED 13 MAY 1948, slit open at top.

Employees of the IPC as well as Steel Brothers and other British firms are documented having been evacuated from Palestine in 1947-48 with the progression of the civil war and developing Israeli War of Independence; the American Congressional Record (citing a 10 May press report in the Washington Star) reports that IPC's Haifa office was "permanently transferred" to TRIPOLI (Lebanon). While this cover would have been received locally in Haifa as normal, lacking any other postal markings, it was likely carried by one of the "company airplanes" mentioned in that press report: at this time in Palestine Lydda airport was closed to civilian aviation, and the one in Tel Aviv was servicing the developing air mail service of the interim postal administration (with CSA Czechoslovakian Airlines) while the airport in Haifa remained under British control until 20 May - uniquely here there continued to be air links with various Arab countries by Arabian airlines and also the IPC's airplanes. Very rare and undocumented postal history in this period.