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Rare postal links - SUDAN: stampless 3 July 1951 postmarked air mail cover sent from KHARTOUM to TEL AVIV, stamped with English/Arabic boxed handstamp "POSTAGE PAID" & affixed with Sudanese airmail etiquette; backstamped 5 July NICOSIA transit & 12 July TEL AVIV arrival; opened gently at back. The cover was carried by Cyprus Airways which serviced both Khartoum and Lydda via Nicosia (British BOAC serviced Khartoum but not Nicosia, and Sudan Airways also did not service Nicosia). Rare postal history: Sudan and Israel renewed regular air mail service on 6 Jan. 1950 (surface parcel mail existed from July 1949), but in 1958 Sudan enacted a law prohibiting relations with Israel (Israel Boycott Law) - repealed only in 2021.