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1973 Yom Kippur War delayed mail marking discovery: 8 Oct 1973 postmarked air mail printed matter commercial cover on imprinted bank postal stationary, sent from TEHRAN Iran to Ellern Bank in TEL AVIV, meter franked 3.50 Rials. The cover was posted on the 3rd day of the surprise Yom Kippur War between Egypt and Syria, and Israel: although Israel did not institute a suspension of postal services, and no such markings are known from other countries, the cover was apparently transferred to surface transport and subsequently marked by an Israeli instructional handstamp in red "THIS ARTICLE WAS RECEIVED BY ISRAEL POST FROM THE COUNTRY OF ITS DISPATCH ONLY NOW - FEBRUARY 1974" (Kibble Type II). The postal marking may have been applied later as the cover was stamped office received only on 7 March 1974. Unsealed per printed matter regulations; the staple marks on the top may be from a postal memorandum issued in light of the extreme delay in the delivery of the mail. Rare postal history as only 2 postal markings attesting to mail delays are known, both Israeli and rarely encountered - here the only known instance of (surface) mail so marked, not originating from France as per Kibble's extensive research.