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The 1971 British Postal Strike delayed cover - privately transmitted: 15 Jan 1971 postmarked large airmail envelope sent from business in LONDON to bank in TEL AVIV, [business] meter franked 120 pence per 1966 postage rate of 12s for 5 ounces; the cover was posted 5 days before the outbreak of the first ever national postal strike in Britain, which ran from 20 Jan. to 8 March 1971 but nevertheless delayed as a result. However as machine front-stamped 22 Feb TEL AVIV transit-arrival + 22 Feb. dated mimeographed memorandum apologizing for the delay in the arrival of the cover, "which has just arrived now and distributed without delay", the cover was evidentally handled by a contracted 3rd party in Britain as noted by philatelic research by Rodney Gudger, that a wide range of officially licensed and unlicensed private posts operated during the strike to fill the gap left by the withdrawal of official postal services. During the 47-day period of the strike over 400 delivery companies were set up or contracted to handle some 20 million mail items; the normal volume of the Royal Mail was 35 million items per day. The Israeli postal memorandum is addressed from the Manager of postal service in JERUSALEM & was stapled to the cover: likely the document was pre-distributed to Tel Aviv and affixed there; subsequently office-received stamped on 25 Feb. Rare Israeli postal history (especially as with memorandum) + rare rate as 10x weight tranche. The British postage rates changed to decimal amounts on 15 Feb.