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Jordanian post-1967 War "no service" mail to Israel - Taiwanese wrapper: 18 May 1968 postmarked air mail imprinted printed matter magazine wrapper sent from TAIPEI Taiwan to Taiwanese addressee at higher education institute in village of BEIT HANINA (then near JERUSALEM), franked 2 Dollar & tied by single strike of the local postmark; routed (correctly, prior to the War) via JORDAN where impounded: with destination locale now held by Israel (and integrated into Jerusalem as a neighborhood), as of Sept. 1967 Jordan held back all mail destined to former Jordanian territories now newly held by Israel, in AMMAN - and released it back to senders en masse 13 months later (Sept. 1968), after applying English-language "Return to Sender | Delivery Prevented by Enemy Occupation of Jordad(sic) Territory" instructional marking K-Type-Va handstamp + here also the rarer Arabic version (type Vb) on the front. Unusually here there is no AMMAN arrival postmark as observed on most of this type of interrupted mail.

The wrapper was resent without additional postage required (per UPU regulations), here correctly routed and received at JERUSALEM-71 post office on 14 Dec. 1968 (front-stamp) but without the mimeograph memorandum (Kibble type M4/M5) of the Jerusalem head post office requesting that "Israel" be specified in the address in the future - likely because this was printed matter and not first class mail. Rare origin & mail type affected by the postal boycott.