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Earliest received Jordanian post-1967 War mail to Israel via Red Cross - war-delayed + from Saudi Arabia: 29 May 1967 postmarked air mail cover on imprinted business postal stationary, sent from RIYADH to JERUSALEM Jordan, franked 4 Piastres & tied by single strike of the local RYAD postmark. The 1967 "6-Day War" broke out on 5 June and ended on 10 June with Jordanian East Jerusalem being captured by Israel already on the 7th: the cover was nevertheless routed via Jordan but the transmission was evidentally interrupted by the war, with the cover possibly being transported by surface mail as it was subsequently backstamped a month later on 30 June in AMMAN-2.

With the cover addressed to a territory no longer under Jordanian control, Jordan's postal policy at this time, between June-Aug 1967, was to accumulate all mail received for newly Israeli-conquered territories & then deliver them via Red Cross - which was done in Sept. 1967, but such mail has no overt postal markings.

Here as cover was backstamped in AMMAN after 7 June, we know the cover not captured by Israel & as backstamped 25 Sept 1967 using an Israeli postmark (East JERUSALEM post office; Nacht 289/131), we know this cover was transferred by Red Cross. Less than 50 such covers known & rare as hard to identify (no special markings), here with Israeli receipt mark on earliest known date of receipt of mail via Red Cross even pre-dating Daryl Kibble's earliest recorded date of 29 Sept. A rare circumstance in which mail from Arab countries without postal relations with Israel was nevertheless accepted by Israel and delivered. Slit open at top + vertical fold.