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Rare type of instructional marking on rare instance of cutout franked mail: front of 4 April 1965 postmarked cover sent from TEL AVIV to Michigan USA, franked 70 agorot per period rate using a mix of 0.35L & 0.20L imprinted stamps cut out from 1960 issue airletter sheets (Ba #AS.23/24) letter sheets + 0.15L additional franking using 3 stamps of the 1961 Zodiac stamp series. The franks were all cancelled by the TEL AVIV-27(?) post office) - against regulations as the cut out stamps were invalid for postage; here the cover was stopped at the head post office and returned to sender with an instructional handstamp applied to an affixed label, reading "Returned to Sender: it's forbidden to use postal supplies for purposes for which they are not intended" - an unusual instance of an IM marking being applied to a label rather than directly to the piece of mail.