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Palestine 9x surface heavy weight mail + Customs clearance charged: 10 Oct 1932 postmarked registered cover on imprinted postal stationary of the Syrian Orphanage, sent from JERUSALEM to ATLANTIC CITY USA; franked 100 mils per period postage rate (as of 1 June 1932) of 13m registry fee + 15m base 20g surface letter to non-UK destination + 8x additional 20g @ 9m each - for a total of 180 grams weight, using a 100m single stamp & tied by 1x strike of the oval REGISTERED JERUSALEM postmark on front/back. The cover was sealed with wax in addition to the envelope's glue.

Original 7 Oct. dated correspondence included, revealing that the sender had enclosed some coins to the addressee: on account of the cover's extreme weight & lack of customs declaration the cover was processed through US customs upon arrival. Backstamped 28 Oct. NEW YORK transit arrival + next day transit dispatch & same dated office dater; subsequently opened at back by the customs department in NEW YORK & resealed with imprinted tape-label, tied by 1 Nov. transit-dispatch postmark. The front was stamped by instructional handstamp "COLLECT 10c POSTAGE DUE FOR CUSTOMS SERVICE" (to be paid by addressee) + boxed IM "US CUSTOMS FREE OF DUTY | POST OF NEW YORK" - a postage due stamp may have been affixed for the customs clearance service but is no longer on the cover; backstamped 2x 2 Nov transit arrival & arrival. The numbered handstamps on the back are likely American sorting numbers. Opened roughly at back but complete. Rare heavy weight postage + rare single 100 mils franking in this early 1930s period; nicely documented.