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Rare late Mandate mail routing via Syria: 15 MAR 1948 postmarked express surface mail cover sent from UNRRA member at BAD REICHENALL Germany to TEL AVIV, franked 1.50m per period rate (as of 15 Sept. 1947), 50pf for overseas surface letter + 1mk express fee, and tied by 4x strikes of the local postmark + express etiquette; routed via SYRIA where backstamped 27 MAR ALEPPO transit with machine cancel & 8 APR TEL AVIV arrival; opened gently at right.

Of signicance is the Syrian routing: regular surface mail from Germany in this period (March-April 1948) is observed routed [by sea] via CAIRO, evidenced by the quantity of mail that was seized, censored and returned to senders from there when Egypt began a postal boycott of mail to Jewish addressees in Palestine, in early April. Here the unique [land] routing is likely due to the express mail service used by the sender; with only a Tel Aviv backstamp from Palestine, the cover was likely carried by sea from Latakia to Tel Aviv port (from Jan. 1948 there was much congestion at Haifa and sea shipments were diverted to Tel Aviv; in March the Syrian government began boycotting the Lebanese port of Tripoli in favor of Latakia as part of a trade dispute).

Here one of the last pieces of mail from Syria as she suspended postal relations with Palestine on 4 April. The routing may have been special for the express service: this cataloguer has seen a standard German surface mail cover, franked 1.10m and postmarked 22 March, bearing no transit marks and a very late 30 May Tel Aviv arrival. This is presently the only period piece of Mandate mail known with Syrian routing.