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Rare postage dues postal history + postmark combination: 9 Nov 1921 postmarked cover sent from BETHLEHEM to WIESBADEN Germany, franked 10 mils using 4-color combination franking of Jerusalem II (1m) and III overprints & tied by 2x strikes of the local postmark - double ring Dorf #3 5 days before his (and Proud's) earliest known dates of use (14 Nov). Backstamped 10 Nov JERUSALEM transit.

The postage here was short-paid 3 mils as the overseas letter rate rose from 10 mils (1 Piastre) to 13 mils on 1 Oct. 1921 - here not marked for tax locally or even in Germany: of note, the cover pre-dates the introduction of postage dues stamps in Palestine in 1923; Palestine Mandate taxed mail is rare in the period prior to the local introduction of postage dues stamps, particularly as outbound mail. Torn open at back, virtually complete.