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Rare instance of the 250 mils pictorial stamp used as single franking - tied to 6 July 1945 postmarked double weight airmail cover sent from TEL AVIV head post office to RICHMOND California & tied by signed instructional marking handstamp that the cover contains approved philatelic matter; backflap missing + 2 vertical folds. Bale does not list a value for the 250m frank as a stamp single on mail, and this is very rarely seen so used - here predating the published starting date of the 125m transatlantic rate.

Two rates/routes were available at this time: one to the US via West Africa & Miami at 100 mils per 5g, reduced to 95m on 9 July and a more expensive faster route via the UK at 130m per 10g, reduced to 125m on 9 July - here the route via the UK is the like rate/route used, 3 days before the retroactively published starting date of the reduced 125m rate.

The franking used is likely proper franking as per the 15 Oct 1941 post office Circular 713, on the penalty of dismissal from work, it was forbidden for postal staff to allow the public to select postage stamps for purchase instead of using the next stock available for use. Specifically here, a wartime censorship regulation instituted on 5 July 1943 called "Philatelic Covers" stipulated that the mailing of postage stamps for collecting purposes (or the use of postage stamps to create philatelic covers) was restricted to holders of permits issued by the Chief Censor for the export of postage stamps; this regulation was terminated on 26 Sept 1945.