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WWII German postage dues in occupied Poland: 22 Oct 1942 postmarked imprinted postal card of the Generalgouvernement district with message in German, sent from WARSAW to KRASNIK (Lublin district within the "GG") - but posted unfranked (likely entered unstamped into a letter box & then processed later by the post office); tied in the field by the local postmark & tied 2x by German carmine "Nachgebuhr" postage due instructional marking + manuscript "18" in blue-green crayon to indicate the tax charge.

Uniquely with the German postal system, of which occupied Poland was a part, postage dues were calculated as 1.5x the deficiency and not 2x (twice) the deficiency as generally used: here the postcard should have been franked as per the domestic postcard rate of 6pf (12 groszy) and ordinarily charge twice that amount as the tax (12pf / 24gr) - but using the German method of x1½ the deficiency, the postage due tax comes out to 18 groszy (9pf); here collected in cash without the use of postage dues stamps.