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WWII/Holocaust era camps > Lebrechtsdorf/Potulitz (Poland): 1 Nov 1943 postmarked German postal card with family correspondence in German, sent from addressee with "care of" address in GRAUDENZ (German occupied Polish Grudziadz) to relative at the Lebrechtsdorf–Potulitz camp, franked 6pf for domestic postcard postage rate using the imprinted stamp & tied by the local postmark; on arrival handstamped with the camp's carmine censor mark bearing the camp's name.

The Lebrechtsdorf camp was a "UWZ" (Umwandererzentralstelle) internment and forced labor camp, part of Germany's UWZ department's objective of expelling/forcibly resettling locales from occupied territories to make place for German immigrants; from 1942 this camp was commanded by the head of the Stutthof concentration camp, becoming an SS labor camp.