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WWII/Holocaust era camps > Dobryszyce/Radomsko (Poland): 4 March 1942 postmarked cover with official looking appearance sent from village of DOBRYSZYCE near Radomsko to addressee in RADOMSKO, franked 24 groszy using General Gouvernement district Polish denominated stamps at the period domestic base letter postage rate of 12 pfennig (fixed at 1pf = 2gr during the occupation), couriered from the village and posted in RADOMSKO where cancelled by the local postmark; stamped on front with a 4 March 1942 dated German-language boxed cachet bearing the locale's name + backstamped by locale-named handstamp also in German; slit open at top. The key town RADOMSKO had a Jewish ghetto and there were a number of forced labor camps in the area; this cover may be related to any of these German-run institutions as it bears overtly German markings.