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1963 incoming French taxed mail: 6 Sept 1963 postmarked air mailed cover sent from PARIS to TEL AVIV & franked 0.70Fr - but found to be under-paid & marked for tax (in manuscript) by the French post office, charging the cover 24 gold centimes for twice the deficient postage; front stamped by the French censor.

In Israel the post office converted the gold centimes fee per the period exchange rate of 1 agora : 1g ctm, reflecting the 1962 devaluation of the Israeli currency to 3IL : 1USD, and charged the cover 24 agorot, levied on 11 Sept using horizontal pair 0.12L 1961 Zodiac stamps (Ba# 210), tied by TEL AVIV-7 (head post office) postmark; locally re-routed; opened gently at back.