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1967 incoming British taxed mail: 17 Feb 1967 postmarked surface mailed cover sent from SIDCUP to business in TEL AVIV, meter franked 4d - but short paid & marked for tax (in manuscript) using the taxe fraction method instituted as of 1 Jan 1966 by the Universal Postal Union's (UPU) Vienna convention, of the sending postal administration indicating the amount owed as twice the deficiency in the numerator and the country's base letter surface postage rate in the denominator - here the cover was deficient 5 pence for the 9d rate, and charged 10d as the tax.

In Israel this ratio was multiplied by the country's period base letter surface postage rate of 30 agorot, yielding a calculated postage dues tax amount of 33ag - rounded to the nearest available denominated postage stamps & becoming a 35ag tax charge, paid on 24 Mar at TEL AVIV-7 (head post office) using a 0.35L 1965/67 1st Town Emblems Ba #310 stamp; tied on front by mute box cachet - possibly an Israeli censor mark & backstamped 26 Mar TEL AVIV-27 delivery; slit open at top. The manuscript number ("1476") on the front was the business's post office box number to which tax mail like this was accumulated.